If you feel you are being discriminated against.. you probably are !

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) parallels the 1964 Civil Rights act.. but it only applies to those with disabilities. If Pharmacist, in particular, are refusing/denying to fill your valid, medically necessary, on-time prescription for nebulous/no reason.. they are violating your civil rights under the ADA

One thought on “If you feel you are being discriminated against.. you probably are !

  1. Gary

    I am defiantly being discriminated against because of my Illness, I wont go through each case but the most recent has really put the hurt on me “no pun intended” I signed up for health care with group health network. They have passed me around to so many different doctors and I have got no help. I have a chronic illness that causes me great pain.The most recent visit was very adversarial. I was told that I would be required to give a urine analysis and sign a pain contract or they would not prescribe my medicine. I said that is called illegal search and seizure. and I would not give away my rights. and they said that it would be best for me to find a new plan when my open enrollment comes up. I got no help from this group i paid major money to them and they have discriminated against me because they lack the knowledge to treat my disease and they will not treat my pain because they don’t understand what my problem is. Its disgusting and its so wrong!

    This is so wrong I have a disease that is not going away and the pain is not going away. my life has been ruined by this pain and the people who were intrusted to treat me. i dont trust anyone anymore and i am severely depressed and they don’t care.


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